Bauchi adopts phonics at early schooling stage

Bauchi State Governor, Senator Bala Abdulkadir Muhammed, has approved the teaching of phonics to improve the reading skills of pupils in basic schools. This means that early reading will be taught by linking sounds with letters that represent them, to enable children to begin building words as early as possible.

Commissioner of Education, Dr. Aliyu Usman Tilde, who disclosed this, also said that pupils, especially from the northern states, struggle to read because phonics was left out by public schools. Tilde said that every primary school teacher will have to attend phonics training courses on a regular basis while phonics videos will be shared to teachers weekly via watsapp.

According to him, “The Northern child has been alienated for long in the evolution of primary school English curriculum in this country. The textbooks used for long are meant for children who already have sufficient English vocabulary.”

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