Banditry rages in North-West despite clampdown

While the federal and state governments step up efforts against banditry, the menace persists in several states, consuming many in its trail.

The Northwest has seen increased violence for some years now, but in the last five months, it  has escalated into what many say is now an ‘organised crime’. Analysts have deduced that the crisis in the zone which started from local disputes between farmers and herders has taken a dangerous trend, threatening regional security and stability.

With the escalation of violence which has resulted in the loss of many lives and valuable property, President Muhammadu Buhari on May 17 ordered the start of a major military operation to sweep out bandits and kidnappers from Katsina, his home state.

Between January and April 2019, a number of operations by the Nigerian Army such as Operation Harbin Kunama, Operation Diran Mikiya and Operation Puff Adder were carried out in the bid to tackle banditry in the Northwest.

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