Concerns As Cases Of Child Abuse Rise

Child abuse has become a recurrent decimal and a major concern in Nigerian society. The acts which occur in diverse magnitudes are not only perpetrated in homes but also schools as well as secret places.  Perpetrators include parents, mothers, stepmothers, teachers, caregivers school mates, and several other culprits. Not only sympathizers but also United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF), child rights, and humanitarian groups frown at the menace. According to available data, about 66 children of different ages had been subjected to different degrees of nefarious acts in the last year (between March 2021 and March 2022). Daily Trust on Sunday highlights some cases in different parts of the country.

Child abuse is not just physical violence directed at a child but also any form of neglect or maltreatment by an adult which is violent or traumatic to the child. Any emotional, physical or sexual mistreatment of a child under 18 years old and below is considered child abuse.

Apart from deaths that result from the physical violence aspect of child abuse, the act can also result in harm to the victims’ health, survival, development,  dignity, responsibility, trust, confidence, or psyche.    

Culprits carry out the nefarious acts with reckless abandon,  incautious of the pains and dangers that they subject their victims to as well as the damning consequences that they, too have to face. 

Findings by Daily Trust on Sunday indicated that the various offenses for which the victims are abused are mostly flimsy, while others lack specific or justifiable reasons.   

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