How Nigerians Go Through Costly, Tortuous Walk To Justice

Many Nigerians seeking justice in law courts have to spend a lot of money in form of legal fees and other charges before they succeed, findings by the Daily Trust revealed.

The development has forced many citizens to abandon their cases midway even when they have all the evidence at their disposal to prove their cases.

Some litigants told one of our correspondents that if you don’t have money to hire a lawyer and then process court documents, there is nothing you can do when you are cheated.

Victims said it is not always pleasing to have a case that would require going to court because of the encumbrances leading to justice.

“My prayer is never to have anything to do with a police station or a court because it would involve spending money even if you don’t have it,” said Fatima Yusuf, a trader at Utako Market.

“My N12 million is trapped somewhere and I have spent over N2 million to recover it to no avail. Your travails start from the police station where you have to sponsor detectives to trace the culprit. After arresting him, they will process the case and then take you to court where a new layer of spending will start,” she said.

Fatima said the trouble with seeking justice in the courts of law is partly responsible for what she called “self-help” syndrome in Nigeria.

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