Hoteliers Grumble As Insecurity Worsens Low Patronage

When the Abuja-Kaduna train service stopped and the Kaduna International Airport was shut down following attacks by bandits, many did not know the adverse effect it would have on the economy of Kaduna State. Daily Trust examines how insecurity has slowed down the states’ hospitality business.

Due to the shutdown of both air and train services and the fear of plying the Abuja-Kaduna road over the activities of bandits, Kaduna’s economy is facing daunting challenges, especially in the hospitality business.

Our correspondent who visited some of the major hotels within the metropolis gathered that the current shutdown as a result of insecurity is massively affecting the hospitality sector, which largely depends on a large turnout of visitors to the state.

It was gathered that while some hotels have already shut down, many are planning to follow suit if the situation does not improve.

Most of the hotels visited by our correspondent looked like ghost towns; generating sets were unusually off,  the staff had worried looks on their faces while others entertained relief, thinking a customer had arrived.

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