High Costs Hinder Consumers’ Access To Electricity Meters

Millions of Nigerians are yet to exit the estimated electricity billing arrangement because of the high cost of meters, which are available at the offices of the 11 Distribution Companies (DisCos) under the Meter Asset Providers (MAPs), a Daily Trust investigation has revealed.

At one time, the meters were not there for consumers who were most eager to have them installed in their homes and business premises.

It is generally believed that accessing electricity via meters is more reliable in terms of cost-effectiveness, as consumers are made to pay more through estimated billing.

However, following persistent pressure and outcry from many Nigerians, the federal government, in collaboration with relevant stakeholders, rolled out various methods of procuring the prepaid meters.

But while the meters have been made available in various outlets of DisCos, consumers say the high cost has stopped them from accessing them even as they continue to face rising estimated and unfair billing.

The Daily Trust survey of consumers in Lagos, Abuja, Kano, and Kaduna, on Monday, revealed that although they were willing to buy meters, the cost of the device is what most of them could not afford at the moment.

Also, some consumers complained of how they bought meters but were allocated those registered under different account names and which already had huge accumulated bills.

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Ifah Sunday Ele
Ifah Sunday Ele
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