1 Year After: No Compensation For Yobe Airstrikes’ Victims

A three-year-old Dala Modu was standing next to his mother and visibly in pain as he dangled the leg wounded by a shard from an off-target Nigerian Air Force (NAF) missile 14 months ago.  

On his head is another wound. Although healed from the surface, his mother said he suffered epileptic night headaches that would wake them up occasionally for 14 months.  

“I suspect he has bomb particles still lodged in his head,” his mother, Kusam Modu said.  

Recounting how the incident happened, Kusam said she was in the kitchen when an aircraft roared in the sky and dropped a bomb on her two children.  

She said Dala was lucky to survive, but her other child was badly hit and he died instantly.

“It was a thunderous sound that deafened my ears for some time. I couldn’t see anything because the whole place was enveloped by dust and thick smoke.  

“By the time I came back to my senses, I began to search for my children. I first saw the charred body of his brother, while Dala was covered in blood,” she said.  

Kusam said the pain of seeing the charred remains of her late son would continue to hunt her until her last breath.

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