Bela: Kano’s Skin Hospital In Deplorable State

Access to primary healthcare is a problem not unique to Kano State, but the dearth of health workers, especially medical doctors, in the state and the deplorable situations of many of the hospital, especially those outside the metropolitan areas, have been of great concern. The general hospital in Ungogo Local Government Area, which was formerly a skin specialist hospital and most popularly known as Bela Hospital, faces one of the most inhospitable situations. Daily Trust on Sunday reports.

Bela General Hospital admits hundreds of patients on daily basis and has only one medical doctor who attends to them every single day unfailingly. Now, imagine what will happen when the doctor himself becomes sick.

This is the sad reality of the 106-year-old Yadakunya General Hospital (popularly known as Bela Leprosy Hospital), located at Ungogo Local Government Area of Kano State. The hospital which used to treat leprosy and skin-related ailments was upgraded a few years ago to serve as the only general hospital in the local government area.

To say the quality of the facilities of the hospital is poor is an understatement, as the consequences of decayed infrastructure, poor medical attention from unmotivated health workers, limited services and acute shortage of bed space, among others are the major issues of concern, Daily Trust Saturday observed.

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