Benue, Borno IDPs: Sacked By Insecurity, Fleeced By Aid Workers

Insecurity challenges in Borno State (North East) and Benue State (North Central) have created a huge humanitarian crisis with millions of internally displaced persons (IDPs) in both states.

The crises have especially taken a toll on women and children, many of whom have been rendered widows and orphans.

An investigation Daily Trust uncovers sharp practices by aid workers that have left these vulnerable IDPs in a state of paranoia.

A large, black pot is placed on three big stones between which are burning chunks of coal. Peeping inside the pot, a middle-aged woman clears perspiration from her face even as she battles with the cloud of smoke surging from the fireplace towards her.

Holding a large wooden spoon, she stirs corn flour as breakfast for her malnourished children. Smaller clay pots, wooden mortars, and pestles also lie about elsewhere just as logs of firewood lean against one of the many fragile tents that serve as shelters for the over 5,000 IDPs at the Daudu camp.

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Ifah Sunday Ele
Ifah Sunday Ele
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