Boko Haram: Victims Recount ISWAP’s 5-Day Reign Of Terror In Geidam

Residents of Geidam now live in fear following the five-day occupation of their town by Boko Haram insurgents. The terrorists have attacked the town located in the northern part of Yobe State four times this year alone.

Even though the general impression is that Boko Haram fighters loyal to the Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP) rarely attack the civilian population as they always target security operatives and formations, some people in Geidam will not forget what happened to them recently.

Before the insurgents left Geidam on Tuesday, April 27, many lives were lost and property worth millions destroyed. At least 11 people were killed by a mortar bomb that fell in two houses. It is still not certain who fired the lethal weapon.

Two teachers were shot dead by the terrorists at the Government Technical School, Geidam, and another teacher at a house in the town.

Also, two vigilante operatives, one of them reportedly with mental issues, were also killed by the invaders.

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