Concerns Over Clumsy Record Keeping In Nigerian Universities

In her third year, Rose Daniel (pseudonym), a 2014/2015 graduate of Mass Communication, Bayero University Kano, in Kano State, discovered that the record of her political science exam had been omitted from her end-of-semester student transcript. Each level coordinator usually presents a transcript to students at the end of each semester.

Rose approached her level coordinator, and after scanning through the score sheets, he confirmed that indeed, the B grade she scored in the exam had been omitted from her transcript. After nearly a year of follow-ups, Rose said the level coordinator informed her that the correction had been effected.

“When I asked for another end-of-semester transcript reflecting the change, he told me not to worry, that all that mattered was that the mistake had been corrected. I left with the hope that it had been done,” she said.

Based on her sessional transcripts, Rose had ended her first level on a 3.71 CGPA. At her second level, she dropped to a 3.66 CGPA; and by her third year, she maintained a CGPA of 3.66. And so, when her final year result was released, she noticed she had been short of a lower second-class honour by 0.05, making her CGPA 3.45.

Even though she had doubted the lower second-class honours written on her school certificate, she could not prove that a mistake had been made without accessing her final transcript.

However, five years after graduating, Rose, who now lives overseas, applied for her transcript through a proxy. On getting it, she noticed that her CGPA had all along been 3.70, making her class of degree an upper second-class honour. She had been a 2:1 graduate, contrary to the lower second-class honours boldly written on the final certificate issued to her by the university five years before.

“On viewing the transcript, my heart dropped. I had suspected something like that, but I had no evidence to back my claim at that time,” she told this reporter.

Rose Daniel’s transcript indicates her class of degree as Upper Second-class Honours, contrary to what is on her certificate.

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