Despite Gulping Billions, Water Scarcity Worsens In States

Acute water shortage has hit many states across the country. Apart from subjecting residents of the affected states to hardship, many now drink from any available source, including streams and boreholes, findings by Daily Trust Saturday have shown.

Stakeholders in the water sector are blaming state governments, which they claim are responsible for providing potable water in their respective states for the present situation.

Some of the stakeholders specifically blamed state governments for failing to invest in the water sector despite the billions of naira budgeted for various ministries of water resources annually.

But the general manager of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Water Board, Dame Patience Okoro said maintaining and expanding water plants required a lot of money.

She agreed that the capacity of most of the water plants could no longer meet the requirement of the growing population, but said that because of the much funds needed for the expansion of the plants, all hands must be on deck by the relevant stakeholders.

Between 2021 and 2022, for instance, the Kano State Government budgeted over N12billion for the water ministry.

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