Gidan Gala: Where Women, Girls Are Exploited, Abused

A long way from home, some girls and women looked for greener pastures in local entertainment houses, popularly known as Gidan Gala. However, their hopes were dashed when their expectations turned into nightmares leaving many with deep scars of regrets. Daily Trust on Sunday goes undercover to investigate the abuse and exploitations of girls at Gidan Gala in Kaduna and Abuja.

Talatu (not real name) left her hometown in Bauchi following a small family tiff for Abuja where she went in search of greener pastures: make money and maybe get access into the Kannywood industry.

Thinking Gidan Gala will help actualize her dream, she pushed her way in and soon became a household name. Several years later, Talatu is neither a Kannywood actor nor rich. Instead, she is left with profound regret for leaving her hometown for Abuja, where she said she has suffered a lot with almost nothing to show as a benefit.

Talatu now lives as a single mother left with the responsibilities of providing for the needs of her little daughter.

“We were like slaves,” she said remorsefully.

Gidan Drama, Gidan Solo or Gidan Gala is the name given to the old local Hausa entertainment houses that are now gathering momentum in major cities across Nigeria, including Abuja.

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