How Kano PHC Rots Despite Interventions

Accessing basic healthcare comes with a great cost for residents of Hungu, a village in Kano State, as they make do with a dilapidated primary health care centre with inadequate facilities.

Hungu is a farming community with thousands of inhabitants. It is located about 60km away from Kano city and as much distance from quality health care services.

The small village, situated in Albasu Local Government Area, along the old Kano-Maiduguri Road, has a Primary Health Care Centre (PHC) with a structure big enough to rival some of the biggest private hospitals in Kano city, the commercial centre of Nigeria.

The health centre at Hungu, which sits on an expansive piece of land by the roadside, has seen good days, but now, there is hardly any room there without a gaping ceiling, among several other signs of dilapidation.

According to a notice at the entrance to the health centre, it was constructed by the local government and commissioned on March 1, 2010, by then governor of the state, Malam Ibrahim Shekarau.

Initial findings had it that even in the heydays of the centre, the host community and other neighbouring communities preferred to patronise a patent medicine store (locally known as a chemist) located within the village.

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