Inside Nigerian Schools Where Students Were Abducted

  • Parents differ on the return of children to school after the holiday

  • ‘Without the adequate provision of security, no parent will allow his child to go to school again’

  • ‘We ’re worried, but that won’t stop me from sending my children back to school’

  • ‘Govt must boost parents’ confidence by providing security

number of schools have come under attack by bandits since late last year in which innocent children were gruesomely abducted. Records have shown that 20 attacks had been carried out on some Nigerian schools, with 1,436 children abducted and 16 dead, while 200 children are still being held in captivity. The saddening development has compelled the closure of many schools and put the country’s education system on the cross.

As schools prepare to resume from holiday amid trepidation, the excitement of students-teachers happy reunion and conviviality that usually accompany fresh section, remains uncertain, especially in the affected schools.

Daily Trust on Sunday captures parents’ dispositions towards returning their children to the affected schools. 

According to reports, over 1,000 students have been abducted from Nigerian schools since the beginning of the year.  Daily Trust on Sunday also gathered that about one million schoolchildren, out of over 37 million are afraid to return to school.

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