Jungle Justice Claims 158 Nigerians In 18 Months

Jungle justice occurs when a suspected criminal is beaten or tortured by a group of people. Such offenders are lynched on the allegation of wrongdoing without an opportunity for them to either defend themselves or allow someone else to do that. These suspects are instantly declared guilty and punished. In most cases, not all victims of jungle justice live to tell their stories as they are usually killed in disturbing circumstances. Daily Trust Saturday reports that in 18 months, at least 158 Nigerians died as a result of this act.  

Taiwo Adeniyi, Haruna Ibrahim & Idowu Isamotu

In the Alasalatu area of Mushin, Lagos State, a 53-year-old woman was stripped naked while people threw different dangerous objects at her in an attempt to kill her. It was alleged that she touched a baby and it disappeared.

This was reported to have happened on June 16, 2022. Her fate was determined by a mob that was ready to lynch her before she was rescued by policemen from Olasan Division. The police said that while the mob had alleged that the woman stole a baby, no one came forward to complain of a missing child in that locality as at when a statement was released after the incident. 

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