N-Power Beneficiaries Lament As FG Suspends Scheme Despite Owing 9-Month Stipends

The recent indefinite suspension of the N-Power programme by the federal government has dealt a severe blow to millions of young Nigerians who were relying on the initiative to combat unemployment.

Established by former President Muhammadu Buhari, the N-Power programme aimed to provide a monthly stipend to beneficiaries, offering them a lifeline in a country grappling with high unemployment rates.

The sudden suspension has left countless individuals without jobs and has raised concerns about government’s commitment to addressing the critical issue of youth unemployment.

The scheme had three core segments, namely N-Power Volunteer Corps (for graduates), N-Power Build (for non-graduates) and N-Power Knowledge, which is also a non-graduate programme for the ICT-inclined.

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Almost 1million jobs affected

The indefinite suspension of the scheme by the government is expected to affect more than 500,000 young Nigerians who depended on it for survival.

According to figures obtained from the Humanitarian Ministry in Abuja in February, the programme had enrolled 200,000 youths in Batch A; 300,000 in Batch B; 510,000 in Batch C1 and 490,000 in Batch C2. While the number of exited beneficiaries is unknown, majority of batches C1 and C2 are still enrolled in the programme as at the time it was suspended.

The scheme also provided teachers for many schools in rural areas.

One of the beneficiaries of the N-Power Knowledge Programme in Abuja, Suleiman Abdul, while lamenting the suspension, told Daily Trust on Sunday that the programme was of immense benefit to youths.

“The N-Power programme helped a lot of people. There are some people out there who had never earned N30,000 before but the N-Power programme helped their lives. Even my younger sister is a beneficiary. The suspension of the scheme would really affect Nigerians, especially those hoping to benefit from it. People graduate every day, yet no jobs,” he said.

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