Parents Cry Out As Attacks On Schools Threaten Children’s Education

As the international community prepares to mark the second International Day to Protect Education from Attacks on September 8, and Nigeria sets to host the Fourth International Conference on Safe Schools Declaration on October 25-27, parents, communities, students and stakeholders alike are calling on the federal government to make schools and places of learning safe so as not to deny children their fundamental right to education.

The Fourth International Conference on the Safe Schools Declaration to be hosted by Nigeria has as theme ‘Ensuring Safe Education for All: From Commitment to Practice’.

Over 1,000 students have been abducted at schools across northern Nigeria, most of them from the North West region, which has recently been the epicenter of school attacks in the country.

The first known abduction of schoolchildren in the country took place in 2014 when 276 girls were abducted from the Government Secondary School in Chibok, Borno State, North-East Nigeria. Since then, attacks on schools and abductions of students have grown in number and spread across the northern part of the country.

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