Supreme Price: The Untold Story Of Policemen Killed During #EndSARS Protest

Sergeant Adegoke Ajibola and Corporal Rotimi Oladele ran as fast as their legs could carry them, sought a hiding place, pleaded for their lives as the mob closed in on them.

Their pleas fell on deaf ears. They were dragged, beaten, hit with sticks, knives and any available objects in sight.

While still begging for their lives to be spared, they were set ablaze on a heap of tyres. The more the fire raged, their voices were lost in the flames, never to be heard again.

The two men burnt to death on Iwo Road in the ancient town of Ibadan, the third-largest city in Nigeria, were not criminals. No, their only crime was that they were crime fighters.

A viral video posted by one of the hoodlums showed the despicable scene as the policemen were set ablaze on a heap of used tyres and their bodies shared.

The two were among the not less than 22 policemen, seven soldiers and 59 civilians killed in October 2020 during the #EndsARS protest, according to the toll announced by President Muhammadu Buhari during an emergency meeting with former Nigerian leaders.

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