Tough Times Ahead As Food Prices Soar

Tough times have caught up with most Nigerians as they lament the rising cost of foodstuff and other commodities due to inflation. From insecurity to job losses and salary cuts, many say their purchasing power is on the decline while the prices of food items continue to soar. Here is the situation in some states:


In Benue State, ordinary Nigerians have lamented the rising cost of food items, with most of them saying they could no longer cope.

Rose Oche said, “The truth is that I don’t know how I’m coping. It even amazes me sometimes that I have come this far. The price of every food item in recent times has gone beyond the reach of ordinary people. The only thing that hasn’t increased is salary.”

“Some food items haven’t just doubled in price, but tripled. You can imagine that half basin of garri which sold for N3, 000 last year now goes for about N15, 000, while a custard bucket of tomatoes which sold for N500 last year now sells for N2, 500.”

A tomato trader at the high-level market, Chide Attah, lamented that the increasing cost of food items on daily basis was frightening.

Attah said she was never sure of buying her daily tomato and pepper supply from the wholesalers at the same prices of the previous day because the prices were increasing daily.

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