With No End To Power Outage, Maiduguri Residents Spend Millions On Solar

The electricity blackout in Maiduguri has been going on for over one year with many residents living their lives without a power supply.

Some privileged individuals, organizations and groups have embraced solar power as an alternative source of electricity in Maiduguri, a situation that has compelled them to spend millions of naira before installing the solar panels and other components including batteries and inverters, as well as other accessories.

Findings from one of the major providers of solar energy in Maiduguri, Tamtam Solar System, revealed that one to three KVA solar installation costs between N350,000 and N1.4 million.

A senior civil servant, who recently installed the 3KVA solar, said the power outage and noise of the generator prompted him to install the solar power.

“I spent about N1.5m to install the solar panels and other components and for the past year, I have not experienced challenges of electricity in my house.

“Although installing solar electricity is expensive but the system has less challenges of maintenance and is adorable.” 

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