How We Survive Despite COVID-19 – Lagos Computer Village Traders

The Ikeja Computer Village, Lagos, located in Otigba, is said to be the largest Information and Communication Technology (ICT) gadgets market in Africa. Computers, phones, accessories, cameras, and other electronic gadgets are sold and repaired in the market; hence millions of naira exchange hands among buyers and sellers on a daily basis despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Daily Trust visited the market and now reports.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to ravage the country, traders in Ikeja Computer Village are sharing their experiences. Taiwo Taiwo, one of the entrepreneurs in the market said, “COVID-19 is not affecting my business negatively in any way. In fact, left to me, I would tell the government to lock up the market so that we all can sell from home. I sell more at home online. That is preferable for me.

Samuel Olabode, Handset Engineer with some of his apprentices a- Computer Village, Otigba Street, Ikeja in Lagos

The virus is real and we take all precautions here very seriously. I use my facemask. I even have some for my customers who don’t have one. I also have sanitizers, which I make available to my customers.’’

Taiwo, who deals in phone accessories and laptops, said supplying authentic products to his customers helped to bring them back to patronize him.

He said he was not afraid of the fact that he is a Yoruba man in an Igbo-dominated market as customers do not base their patronage on ethnicity.

“I have never encountered anyone who patronized us based on ethnicity. They just come in, buy what they want, and leave. Make sure that what you are offering a customer is authentic because that will always speak for you.

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